The Finest in Fabrication

Quality Counts

In every office building, power plant, factory, manufacturing facility, food processing plant (in fact in just about every major structure built in North America) there are unique and complex pipe fabrication systems.  All these systems have something in common however.  They need to work precisely as required, without flaws or failures.

A guarantee like that requires the best craftsmanship in pipe fabrication. But, how do customers know they’ll get the best? By relying on companies who follow a tradition of excellence in piping fabrications and assemblies – contractors who employ highly qualified UA craftspeople, employed by contractor-members of the Pipe Fabrication Institute (PFI).

A Proud History

Since 1913, PFI has set the standards for the quality contractors in the piping industry, employing highly skilled UA specialists to fabricate and install piping systems in refineries, paper mills, chemical plants, food processing facilities, pharmaceutical plants, steel mills, auto plants and virtually every other industrial facility in operation today.

UA members on the job meet the code and customer specified requirements. PFI publishes Standards and Technical Bulletins that provide the latest information on piping engineering, welding, non-destructive testing and other techniques.

A number of PFI companies operate in the Gulf Coast Region, enjoying access to a highly trained pool of UA craftspeople needed to get the job done right the first time.

label_03Look for the Label

Member companies in the PFI are signatory to the PFI-UA Union Label and Pipe Fabrication Agreements. When you see the bright yellow or red union label, you can be sure that your piping system has been fabricated by United Association members working for PFI contractors – a guarantee of quality