valver1_03Money Down the Drain

Each year, leaky valves cost the owners of industrial and manufacturing facilities millions of dollars, and in some instances, the reputation as good corporate and world citizens.

No one wants that to happen.

The UA Valve Repair and Maintenance Program

The United Association (UA), has the answer to this persistent problem our Valve Repair and Maintenance Program.

The skilled tradespeople who complete this program emerge fully equipped to repair or replace all kinds of valves found in industrial facilities in every industry in North America. The program is an intensive course of study for journeypeople that includes a minimum of 40 hours in both classroom and hands-on instruction using the latest materials, equipment and valves. UA training schools presenting the course are audited and certified by Hartford Steam-Boiler Inspection and Insurance Company.

The Electrical Power Research Institute (EPRI) has accepted the UA Valve Repair Program, which will provide an additional certification for our members.

UA members learn the proper techniques for disassembly, inspection and repair of all different types of valves, The high standards of the UA’s program are uniform throughout the United States and Canada, yet each individual local union can tailor the valve repair course differently to focus specifically on the industry requirements in that region.

The Gulf Coast Pipe Trades Council has implemented the UA’s valve repair program for its members. This training will ensure that our contractors and their customers have the skills they need to perform this essential work.

valver3_03Training On-The-Go

The UA’s valve repair program makes use of two mobile training facilities, so the program can be brought to any corner of the U.S. and Canada where this training is needed. These fully equipped trailers have traveled all across North America, bringing the UA Valve Repair Program to the farthest reaches of our jurisdiction.

Saving Our Customers Money

UA certified valve repair craftspeople are highly skilled mechanics. If these individuals do not have immediate access to the valves to be repaired, they are qualified to perform other construction and maintenance tasks in the meantime. These include pipe fabrication, hanger installation, even welding.

UA valve repair training comes at no cost to the facility owner, Moreover, using local tradespeople eliminates the cost of per diem pay for out-of-state workers, an expense that is normally passed directly on to the owner or user.

For a contractor or a plant owner, choosing valve repair journeypeople from the United Association is a guarantee that the job will be done right, the first time, and every time.