instrument1_03Instrumentation and Calibration

Automatically the Best

Instrumentation and control systems installation is an important sector of the construction world today. One might say that instrumentation is the field that automates automation. Instrumentation contractors and, in the field, instrument technicians, are virtually in command of their automated environments. And, they are vitally important to the construction users who employ them on their projects to do the highest quality work.

Through training and experience the highly sought-after skills of the technicians are highly sought after. Our technicians ensure that automated equipment is installed to manufacturers specifications and continues to operate in conformance to exact standards.

UA Takes the Lead

As part of a commitment to the highest quality training in the industry, the United Association helped to establish a standardized means of assuring competence in the instrument calibration industry.  Today, the UA has developed an Instrument Calibration Technician Certification to assure the highest level of professionalism in the certification testing of our members.

Because the UA shares jurisdiction on instrument calibration in conjunction with the IBEW, we have relied on a cooperative effort to develop the most comprehensive and recognized certification possible.

The United Association’s approach to instrument calibration certification is multi-faceted. In addition to a written exam, the certification requires a practical hands-on component. Moreover, the UA has formed a partnership with the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) to secure owner and contractor recognition of our certification. EPRI is made up of owners of power generation plants, chemical plants, paper and pulp mills and other industrial enterprises.

instrument2_03Training To Go

Once again, the UA has created a state-of-the art mobile training facility to travel around North America.
It completely meets the training needs whether in the Gulf Coast region, or throughout the rest of the
United States and Canada. Our brand-new instrument calibration testing and training trailer can be taken
to any facility in any location at any time.

The trailer is fully functional and offers a complete array of instrument calibration simulations. Within the trailer, the training units for such tests as pressure and temperature, for example, are modular in design. Each of these wheeled and independent units can be removed from the trailer, so that the UA is best able to serve the needs of locals throughout North America.

Not only does this trailer serve the functions of testing and training our craftsmen, but it also demonstrates the UA’s serious commitment to meeting the needs of the industry.

Instrument calibration is a highly involved discipline, requiring competent training instructors and a major commitment of time by students. In addition to the certification program, the UA is developing an online version of basic instrument calibration training. This allows the greatest number of our members to participate in the initial phase of training.  Once members have finished this first phase, they perform the hands-on part of the training on-site with the mobile trailer or at a UA training center.  At the conclusion of this training, the member can take the certification exams.

Without a doubt, contractors and construction users in the Gulf Coast Region can turn to UA craftsmen to do the highest quality work available in the field of instrument calibration.